​​​WEZI-FM was a beautiful music radio station based in Memphis, Tennessee.  WEZI-FM was the Mid-South's source for relaxing and beautiful music from 1973-1990.  During its time as a beautiful music station, WEZI-FM broadcast from two different frequencies.  From 1973-1983, WEZI broadcast from FM 105.9.  From 1983-1990, WEZI played beautiful music from FM 94.3.  Currently, the FM 105.9 frequency in the Memphis area is occupied by Country station WGKX-FM (Kix 106).  The 94.3 frequency is currently occupied by Country station WLFP-FM (The Wolf).  The WEZI call letters are currently being used by Cox Media's Easy 102.9, an Adult Contemporary station in Jacksonville, Florida.  Many people who resided in the Mid-South during the '70s and '80s fondly remember WEZI-FM.

WEZI-DB is an online Easy Listening radio station inspired by WEZI-FM.  WEZI-DB will feature the very best classic and contemporary beautiful music.  If you have ever listened to beautiful music radio at any time in your life, WEZI-DB will mostly be a fun trip down memory lane.  If you have never before listened to a beautiful music radio station, please take a few moments to sample our station.  Please take a few moments to explore why beautiful music radio was an important part of American life for many years.  Please enjoy some of the best music you will ever hear on this side of Heaven.